Spastic Ambush


– Spastic Brainrelease [2017]

01. Spastic Ambush – Working in a brain (5:44)
02. Spastic Ambush – Spastic Atmosphere (7:01)

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– Spastic Was Here [2018]

Created by the crew of Spastic Ambush, mixed/produced by Krishan Romeda and Mr Ambush

Every track has been tailored and combined for the art exhibition
“We Were Here” by Angle & Dawn for Ditt-Galleri Gothenburg

The original 5 songs featured will see the light of day, in time.

You will not be able to purchase the music at this time.
however, for those of you who are genuinely interested
there are a limited amount of promotional 7” vinyl singles
with the original sound of Spastic Ambush available
for people in the industry and hardcore noisers.

E-mail: spasticrecords AT gmail DOT com

State your name, affiliation and delivery address and
we will send you a copy.

1. Spastic Ambush – Love the underground (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
2. Spastic Ambush – Animal Cannibal (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
3. Spastic Ambush – Woman in a carpet (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
4. Spastic Ambush – Cut the electricity (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
5. Spastic Ambush – King & Queen (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)





– Lux Atlas feat. Spastic Ambush – Alone in a town

Created by the crew of Lux Atlas, mixed and produced by Anders Rane @ Vintage Loft Studio


Awesome background music /soundtrack for The Forest [2014] by Endnight Games Ltd.

Want a gameplay soundtrack to heighten the gaming experience of The Forest [2014] by Endnight Games Ltd.?

Note: We are not in any way associated with Endnight Games Ltd. but wish to contribute to enhance the gaming experience.

℗ All copyrights belong to Spastic Ambush