We Were Here [2018]

The photo-, art- and music exhibition “We Were Here” was created, photographed, edited, printed, reprinted, assembled, framed and advertised for within 6 months of pitching the idea.




It was shown for two weeks by request from the art gallery “Ditt Galleri” in Gothenburg (Sweden) for their grand opening in August of 2018.


We Were Here consists of 8 three dimensional photographs depicting our love story and artistic journey along the streets of Gothenburg. Each photo was shot at dawn in the middle of winter of 2018 and the whole exhibition was accompanied by a soundtrack by Spastic Ambush (featured on Soundcloud below.)


Now showing at Insjöns Hotell from 2018-11-24



– Spastic Was Here [2018]

Created by the crew of Spastic Ambush, mixed/produced by Krishan Romeda and Mr Ambush

Every track has been tailored and combined for the art exhibition
“We Were Here” by Angle & Dawn for Ditt-Galleri Gothenburg

The original 5 songs featured will see the light of day, in time.

  1. Spastic Ambush – Love the underground (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
  2. Spastic Ambush – Animal Cannibal (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
  3. Spastic Ambush – Woman in a carpet (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
  4. Spastic Ambush – Cut the electricity (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)
  5. Spastic Ambush – King & Queen (Soundtrack version by Krishan & Mr. Ambush)