Abot Spastic Records

It’s a f*ckin’ about space time!

The world! That’s a good start. Even stupid people know what a world is.
We’re here! We’re not 100% sure if we chose to be here, but we choOse to be here, because it fascinates us. And it should fascinated you too! Because the world is awesome and it has a lot of awesome people on it, and animals, and birds and stuff! We can even MAKE things! That’s insane! We went to space,
that happened… Now what?


This is our manifiesta manifesto!

We confess. We’re not the Dala(i) lama. We’re more like the Lamas. Spittin’ rhymes and reason adapting to the Swedish seasons.

[[F*ck that though! Don’t come here. There’s nothing cool about being cold.]]

We have some metaphors, words, rules and top secret moments, just like any sect.

If you in any way would like to be associated with Spastic Records or any one of the acts supported by us we ask you to live by our constitution.

Here they are, we think you should adapt to them in whole without the slightest bit of source critique, just like moist people do. You know what, just read the headline and share it as if it were the only truth on the Internet because you know what? IT IS!

We have a few examples of what we can do and not do.

1. Regarding inspiration, remixes and sampling

1.1 If you are inspired by the art and music created by and/or within Spastic Records we trust that you will admit where from and if you found your inspiration and we will do the same.

1.2 If you would like to use any sound made by and/or within Spastic Records we trust that you will write us an e-mail asking if it’s alright. You will also wait for a reply and save it for your own sake since it will be a legally binding document. Mind you, some of the sounds we use are not our own or in theory owned by any one human being.

2. Regarding awareness

2.1 We trust that you do not practice any type of harmful behavior towards any living being.

2.2 We trust that you are aware of the fact that anything you chose to do on this planet is your own doing and that you in solitary hold responsibility. You may or may not be manipulated by media to act in a certain way and we trust that you will consider the source of your morals, values and behavioral patterns.

3. Regarding logos and trademarks

3.1 You want to make a t-shirt, bag or pin with the Spastic logo and/or logos of artists using Spastic Records as a platform? Cool! We trust that you don’t intend to make a profit off of this to fund your evil business of tricking people to buy or adapt to stuff they don’t really need to make them happy. You can make your own stuff and that will make you happy. You’re probably awesome at it!

3.2 If you do the above and do it UN-awesomely, there may or may not be legal consequences.



We will continue to update this page as we come up with other things that need to be addressed if you happen to be that person who would be concerned about knowing these things about us.